Friday, September 9, 2011

Costume Party (WIP)

Ok, yet another ZSKetch. This was actually intend to be just a skin and hair study, but because i liked the design so much i have been taking a lot of time trying to be as true to it as possible. (Why Not)?
I haven't even touched on the parts i was intending to practice on ie. Maya Mental Ray SSS, and Maya Hair. This weekend I am actually going to get a little bit of time to work, so I can get to it.

Oh yeah and before I forget. The concept is from The Gnomon Gallery / Art of Sketch Theatre 2011 gallery at
Artist: Dylan Ekren


Another ZSketch done while waiting on my flight to Kuwait. May go back to this one someday. Kinda want to see where it will end up. Don't know if i subconsciously did a scream beacuse that is how the layover was making me feel. But and extreme expression is something I have been wanting to do in ZBrush for a while.