Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Joey Baddafucco

This piece was done for some ZBrush practice. I have been learning a lot of techniques with the program and have just been make excuses as to why i haven't been using them. So as part of my new initiative to become as skilled an artist as I like to think I am. I decided to stop making excuses and do like i used to when I first started. Work, and just tackle all of the things I feel challenge me until they no longer do.
One of the biggest hurdle i have to jump is my desire to animate every character I create. It is why I chose 3d, but it causes me to spend to much time away from first love, creating. So I have decide to join The Lunch Crunch. A collection of very talented artist who set aside an hour out of their day to just create new art. Check them out at

Hope you guys like the new piece.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes)

Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.
I a have been a devoted fan of these characters since reading the strip in the paper as a kid. I have been waiting for someone to create a cartoon for them for yr. So I decided to give it a shot myself to at least see how they may look in 3D. I really enjoyed working on Calvin and am looking forword to tackling Hobbes. These images were done mainly as a rig and facial test and though i still have a few kinks to work out I think the whole thing is pretty promising.
My goal with this project is to try animating a few of the old strips. I am an originalist, if there is such a thing. I want to stay as close to the original characters and stories as possible.


Cranial Thump

Character Design by Greg Baldwin.
This is one of my favorite designs by Greg. He is an ubber talented artist and part of the team. I will be trying a few more of there character in the future.
I enjoy modeling other peoples characters from time to time I fell it keep me honest as a modeler. I can cheat with my design but am forced to try my hardest to be true to someone else work. It is still a work in progress want to up the res on the textures and ad normal and displacement maps but for now I have to do what my computer can handle.

More with him to come.



This is a character one of my fav little character I designed. Don't really know why. I have design more elaborate and detailed characters, but he's just cool to me. Got more plans for this one as well. Maybe more detail and elaborations.


Welcome to 3dMented

I would like to say welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by. I have been struggling with the thought of starting one of these or just getting a traditional site. My friend Nelson suggested blogging to show my new work would be best, seeing as how I really don't have time to maintain a full site. And couldn't convince him to create on for me either. Maybe in the future.

Ok so why start the blog in the first place. I have been working in the graphics field for as long as I can remember. This site is a place for me to show my new work and post tutorials for those that want to see how it is I do what I do (yet another suggestion of Nelson's). Aight then that's about all for now. Let's see how far we can ride this train.