Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Joey Baddafucco

This piece was done for some ZBrush practice. I have been learning a lot of techniques with the program and have just been make excuses as to why i haven't been using them. So as part of my new initiative to become as skilled an artist as I like to think I am. I decided to stop making excuses and do like i used to when I first started. Work, and just tackle all of the things I feel challenge me until they no longer do.
One of the biggest hurdle i have to jump is my desire to animate every character I create. It is why I chose 3d, but it causes me to spend to much time away from first love, creating. So I have decide to join The Lunch Crunch. A collection of very talented artist who set aside an hour out of their day to just create new art. Check them out at

Hope you guys like the new piece.

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